To everyone waiting for Cats in the Kitchen to return I would like to say “Thank you for you for being so patient!”. And to everyone who discovered the comic during this little hiatus, I want you to know that things are going to start happening again really soon.

I got halfway through the rough draft of the script I was trying to write before I realized it was basically Scott Pilgrim, but without a love story. While I WAS trying to write a larger-than-life, comic-booky story, it just didn’t feel like my comic anymore. And it introduced way too many characters, AND had Midnight’s mom “acting strangely” when we’ve only really seen her two or three times before. In short, the comic isn’t ready for the story I was trying to tell with it, and I put said story on the back burner.

The good news is that I’ve switched my focus to a story that is a little more natural in this context. (The first script took me all of June and July to half-finish the first draft. The current one has taken three days to get to the same place)

Here are some sketches from the story I was working on before: