Wow, I’ve been getting a huge amount of new traffic lately. Figures that as soon as I stop updating readership goes up…

So, I need to get serious about writing now. I say this because I really haven’t done anything yet and I’m running out of Summer. Below is a list of what I hope to get done to prepare for the next story arc, which will run from September 2011 to April 2012 (with a season break over December)

Plot Outline:
First Draft (Done)
Second Draft (Done)

First Season Scripts:
First Draft
Second Draft

Second Season Scripts:
First Draft
Second draft

Character Turnarounds:
Alan (Done – Look to the Right ^^)
Unnamed Villain
Midnight’s Unnamed Friend

Location Reference Sketches:
Chez Burger
Community Hall
TV Studio

First Season
Second Season

You’ll notice that I have two characters who need names. If anyone has suggestions, I’m at a loss. One is basically a cross between the characters of Gideon Graves and Chef Michael Smith, the other is a post-teenage girl who likes bad horror movies and really obnoxious music. I’ll put up sketches of them in the near future…