Hey everyone. Work’s been crazy this week and my time management [lack of] skills have failed me. Monday’s comic may be a little late, but it should be up by the afternoon, or at the latest, Tuesday.

While you’re waiting though, I’ll point you in the direction of some other comics that are awesome:

Manly Guys doing Manly Things (PG-13 for Cussins and Stabbins) is a pretty self-explanatory comic by Kelly Turnbull (Who is Canadian, yay!) It takes place in a rehab center for exceedingly macho guys, specifically those living in video games. It’s also about relationships, time travel, cute kids and geeky pokemon trainers.

Strewth (G) is a funny animals adventure comic, reminiscent of “The Raccoons” or “Duck Tales”. It focuses on Conrad, the dimwitted vulture, Johnathan, his sensible-yet-spineless Vulpine friend, and Booth, a sarcastic ne’r-do-well Frog whose sandwich-nabbing ways land all three of them into a heap of trouble. Resulting in a Community Service sentence.

Bug (PG… 13 sometimes?) is a somewhat random gag comic that reminds me of xkcd, except it’s funny (Oooooooooooooooooh!*). Each panel of every four-panel strip is it’s own punchline, which is an odd choice, but well played. The topics of the jokes can be pretty random too, but in a good way.

* I love xkcd by the way. How could you not love xkcd?