Hello My Friends! Today I want to talk to you about something very close to my heart.

Doo doodoodoo doodoodoo doodoodoo doodoodoo doodoodoo doo doo doodooI love this game so much. I only play it on an NES emulator, alternating between the official Nintendo version and the recalled (but in many ways superior) Atari version. The sublimity of Tetris is nearly unparalleled in single-player games. (Space Invaders comes close) I love the tactile feel of the game, the distinctive visual elements, the instantly-recognizable music (Even if it’s not that iconic Gameboy track, you still know it’s a Tetris song)

Also, I am very bad at the game.

As a child I used to play with Tetris like building blocks. I would try to make the most impressive structures I could within the space given. I remember my dad sitting behind me, frustrated as I piled blocks to the top over and over…

Anyway, I recently found this old documentary called “Tetris: From Russia With Love” It covers the beginning of Tetris and the legal conundrums that occurred as capitalist companies tried to distribute a game straight out of the heart of Communist Russia. It’s quite entertaining, and informative. You should watch it 🙂