This is it. The last piece of a puzzle three years in the making. I didn’t foresee it taking this long when I first started, but then again back then I wasn’t even quite sure what format the book was going to take. It’s kind of humbling looking at my work from 2011. I was pouring way more time into pages at that point, but they always seemed overworked. Now I think I’ve got a freer style, but it’s not as pretty to look at. I did take a bit longer on the last two updates, ’cause I wanted to provide some symmetry with the start of the book. I do want to go through and liven up some of the duller panels before final printing though. I don’t think I’ll have the new book ready before January. But I should have it available sometime within that month.

I left the opening of book two pretty open-ended, which was not the plan two months ago. I was going to give it a bit more of a solid finish, rather than just a break in a continuing story like I did here, but back then I was about ready to take a six month break from CitK, now I’m not so sure. I’m not quite sure what will be filling this space between now and January 3rd, but starting then I’ll be running a short story called Spacefox And the Put Together Planet. After that, I’ll probably transition back into Cats in the Kitchen, maybe tie up some of the loose ends and fulfill some of the promises I made then ignored in the first two books.