I’m thinking a lot about twine lately. I have a couple ideas I’m considering, but every time I start one, I expand my scope too far, and create an enormous world with nothing in it.

Auntie Pixelante’s new game, STAR COURT, is exactly the opposite. There is a very limited set of interactions in the game, it takes place over a single trial. But choosing who to represent you in court, how to examine the witnesses, which witnesses you bring in, whether to bribe the judge… All of these are decisions that feel like they make a difference (I say “feel like” because I’m not sure the game is winnable, though that would be by design) and allow the story to go in different directions.

The short story with lots of explorable depth is a really neat concept. An earlier game, Where in the Galaxy is Kremlin San Antonio has a similar feel to it, (Indeed the two games may take place in the same universe.

Anyway, both of those games are brilliant, and their creator is a huge inspiration to me, I just wanted to share some of her work.