Welcome back!

This comic picks up right where This One left off.

You may have noticed that the website has fallen to pieces lately I’m working on a new one that will allow me to have different stories running at the same time, but you’ll have the option to read them chronologically or by story.

For example, the year and a half gap between the previous page of this story line and the current one will be virtually unnoticeable to new readers, and reading a story from start to finish won’t be broken up by a bunch of filler art from weeks that I couldn’t get a part of the story done. Dunno how long it will take, but the back-end stuff is nearly done. I just need to make it pretty.

Anyway, website renovations aside, I’m happy to be back in the saddle. This update was a lot of fun, any chance I get to add a character or flesh out an extra is a happy thing.

And “You’re Welcome” person who knows who they are.