Since I’ve missed a couple updates in November, I’ve got one more page to this Chapter, so I’ll be updating ’till December 9th, then I’m taking a break until January 2nd.

Well,”Taking a Break” is kind of misleading.

I want to have at least a month’s backlog when I start with the next season. I don’t know how realistic that is to expect since, y’know, Christmas and all. Plus I want to work on T-shirts, pins and art cards, and a remastered PDF version of the comic from the beginning until this past June. That way I’ll have the raw material ready to put into book form when I have the readership to validate actually printing a book, but in the meantime I can stick the PDF up in places to hopefully get some readership in the “Digital Comics” space. Hopefully.

See the other thing that’s happening is I’ve picked up this Illustration Job for an indie card game. So, that’s going to be eating a significant portion of my time next month. So I dunno. My New Years Resolution this year is to spend 50 hours a week at my drawing table, I want to First and foremost keep Cats in the Kitchen regular, secondly, do enough freelance work to validate my existence as a professional artist, and third, maybe take some online courses.

Oh! I should show you guys the concept art for that card game:

It’s gonna be awesome! I’ll post more pictures as it gets closer to release date 😀