I don’t usually do anything for Halloween, but I felt like it this year. This update is a bit of an homage to Homestar Runner’s Halloween episodes that would end with the characters talking about each others costumes in the spooky woods.

I’ll be helping to man a Mario Kart booth at our church’s Candy Carnival tonight. Will probably have made myself an American Flag tie and go as Billy Mitchell. (Could just make a Donkey Kong tie. Kind of go as Billy Mitchell as Donkey Kong, that’s sort of Meta) Honestly I’ve left it pretty late. But I think I can manage a tie and a wig. (All that said, nobody’s gonna get Billy Mitchell. It’ll be like my Andy Warhol costume all over again.)

At the risk of putting undue emphasis on words and sounding like the Cryptkeeper, I’ve a couple of Treats I would like to share with you tonight [out-of-context evil laugh]:

My mini arcade Play These Games With A Mouse went live recently. It’s a collection of simple games, that rely on player intuition and the relatively simple controls of a computer mouse or trackpad, (Not my suggested peripheral, but entirely usable) to let players figure out on their own how to play. The colours are pulled from the commodore 64 palette, and the music is made with the super-cool Drumcircle. A number of the games were made for Glorious Trainwrecks‘ Klick of the Month Klub, and got a pretty good reception, including a review by Auntie Pixelante, which is where I got the name.

Also, Alexander Foix, writer of that Monty Python Crossover from before, has provided another look into the eye of insanity, this time with mad scientists from obscure early German science fiction and horror movies. And the Red Team from TF2.