So, hey! I’m aware that there wasn’t a new comic yesterday. There will be at some point today, and then things should go on smoothly from there. Before I start drawing though, I wanted to share a couple of things I’ve found recently.

The first one is The Diaspora Project. I’ve wondered a lot about what social networking would look like if it were open source, and this is pretty much it. All the features that I’ve appreciated of Twitter, G+ and Facebook, but with software that you can even run on your own server if you want to. It was started by some folks at Occupy Wall Street, who wanted to be able to have conversations about subverting giant corporations, in a space that wasn’t controlled by giant corporations.

The next two things I’ve discovered on Diaspora:

Home Videos with Commentary by The Ramsey Brothers. Just goes to show how much audio commentary is pulled out of the air on the spot.

Subnormality is a webcomic with a very “Underground Comix” feel to it. Long updates, lots of words. Probably some content warning on this, but it seems to be mostly general most of the time.

Oh! and you can follow me on Diaspora, at (It’s not an email address)