So I haven’t done a “Sharing Post” in a while, and I’ve got a few links saved up for one, so here they are:

This has been out for a while but Ryan Estrada has put up All of His Work Ever in One Giant Zip File. Ryan is one of the biggest names in webcomics, and he got there by putting out an enormous body of work, and offering it for free. So it’s nice to have it all collected here.

So, through genius work like FLCL, I’ve come to appreciate the madcap craziness of Japanese cartoons. Boxer Hockey fills that space well. I’m going to give a huge content warning on this one for violence and swearing. It’s about a sport that involves beating the other team with blunt objects and genetically modified frogs. It’s also got some really awkward dream sequences. You are warned.

Wormworld Sega updated on Christmas! If you haven’t read the First Chapter yet, it is a beautiful infinite canvas style graphic novel about an imaginative little boy spending the summer with his grandma. (This one is okay for everybody!)  The creator, Daniel Lieske, is also one of the principle voices in my new favorite podcast, Making Comics.

Recently while listening to WireTap on CBC, I heard about Master Legend, a real-life superhero from Florida. Looking more into that, I discovered Superheroes Anonymous, a not-for profit group dedicated to equipping and training real-life superheroes.