Hey all, want to share some stuff!

First, I had some experiences this week involving a Piece of My Artwork, a Creative Commons License, and a Neonazi. Read about it on the Metal Snail Blog

The Name Game is a video game webcomic that I actually get! it has a lot of workplace humor, similar to CitK, so you guys might like it too!

One of my favorite games lately is “Deepak Fights Robots” By Tom Sennett . The music for the game is by Family Funktion and the Sitar Jams, a band that is better heard than described

Rutabega is a comic about a Chef in a Ledgend Of Zelda-esque world. So far it is lots of fun and adorables.

Breeders is an in development ecosystem simulation that goes for the bizarre. It’s neat to see all the simple parts work together to make a giant, thriving machine.