Alan in panel four is my favorite Alan yet…

Last week made a dozen updates of me not deviating from six panel comics. That was one curve that I HAD to break.

Today I have a couple space opera webcomics to share:

Specimen B-28 is a cool little retro space-romp for people who like misogynistic blonde male protagonists with mustaches, and blue rabbit-like aliens. And scif webcomics with just as many pages dedicated to explaining the world as to the actual story. Lot of thought went into this one.

Banished seems to change artists like they’re going out of fashion. There’s definitely a good pool of talent that’s worked on the comic throughout it’s run though, and the story of out underdog runaway Rak and his not-quite-what-he-seems companion Timbo is quite engaging.

Drive, the scifi adventure from webcomic veteran Dave Kellet (Sheldon) has been punching out a lot of content of late. I kind of skipped this one over earlier, and I’m wishing I hadn’t, ’cause it seems really worthwhile.

Spacetrawler has one of the most original scifi premises I’ve ever heard. PeTA from space forcibly enlists some humans to take their place at the Galactic counsil in order to save a downtrodden race from slavery. But things go awry, and now they’re just fighting for survival. (I’ve been reading this for a while, so I apologize if I’ve mentioned it before)

Star Drop is only semi-space opera. The main character is an interstellar princess, embroiled in some grand rebellion vs. empire plot, but the comic itself mostly focuses on her attempts to avoid responsibility by running away to Earth.

And since I wound up listing half the Space Opera comics I read, here’s the other half: Schlock Mercenary, Starslip, Freefall, Jump Leads, Moon Town…

Oh, and I’ve got one in the works too. The first chapter is a sort of spurting disjointed thing: Starfighters Unlimited

EDIT: Oh wow! I just discovered Our Intrepid Crew which feels like continuing adventures within the Titan AE universe. It made my RSS feed anyway 🙂