I’m happy today, because I finally have a buffer of one strip! (That means next week’s strip is drawn and uploaded) Woo! Excitement!

Started reading Wormworld Saga again. I hope to finish it this time. (It’s something you really need to sit down and immerse yourself in. It’s just as beautiful as ever, and I have a lot to catch up on now. It’s the most movie-like comic reading experience I’ve had.

I thought I was almost finished Swordigo this morning, then there was a (I suppose inevitable) plot twist, that revealed another four-fifths of the game, and a huge difficulty jump. There’s not a lot that’s unique about the game, the controls, story, setting, characters and weapons, are all pretty generic Zelda-Wannabe stuff. But as far as execution goes, this is one tightly put together mobile game, and well worth picking up.