I put up a request on DeviantArt for other artists to make something with my characters for me to put up here over the summer. The first piece I got back comes from an Alexander James Foix Who is also apparently a fellow Dreamkeepers fan) who wrote up a bit of a Monty Python crossover, exactly the sort of weird thing I would have never expected that I was really hoping would happen when I made the request. (Which is still open, BTW)


Alright, now pair in mind that I haven’t used the format of writing I used for awhile so I might be a bit rusty, also I tried to make sure the characters were in character (not sure if I succeeded) and I also created this as a Monty Python tribute.
Here it is, I hope you like it.
(Opens up in kitchen, Alan is attempting to cook steak and appears to have not suffered any trouble today, after about five seconds of this however, Weed is seen entering with a newspaper.)

Weed: Hey Alan, check this out.

Alan: Since when do you read newspapers?

Weed: I don’t, but listen to this, I just heard of something called Pythonitis.

Alan: And you read it in the newspaper?

Weed: No.

Alan: Then what’s that for?

(Alan points to newspaper.)

Weed: Nothing important.

(Pulls out a lighter and lights it on fire, Alan isn’t noticing.)

Weed: Apparently the symptoms include completely irrational behavior…

(EJ enters, he’s seen holding a rusty pot and is seen to be covered in tomato juice, and has a bag over his head.)

Weed: Obliviousness to bizarre sights…

(The Heath Ledger Joker walks right through the kitchen and blows up a section of the wall…then comes back and steal the steak Alan was cooking.)

Weed: Historical figures to appear…

(Fox versions of George Washington and several of his cronies row a boat through the kitchen, as if it were the Crossing of the Delaware, as they pass by EJ is smacked in the head by an oar and is knocked out.)

Weed: Fondness for certain meat products…

(Midnight enters the shot with several orders.)

Midnight (to herself): Why would twelve different people order spam?

Twelve Vikings (from the dining area): SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPA M, SPAM, LOVELY SPAM! WONDERFUL SPAM!

Weed: Increased violent tendencies…

Midnight (towards Vikings): THAT’S IT! I told you not to sing again, now to take matters into my own hands.

(Midnight goes to the right of the set and returns rolling a howitzer into the dining area, Weed and Alan are still oblivious to the whole situation.)

Weed: Randomly exploding objects…

(The fridge explodes and leaves a large hole in the wall.)

Weed: Weird visions…

(Cuts to a Terry Gilliam-esque animation of a giant hedgehog ripping the top half of the restaurant and eating it…then we see it getting crushed by a giant foot.)

(Cuts back to Alan and Weed (the latter seems to have a chunk of plaster on his head), we can now see that the place is pretty much destroyed, but the two aren’t noticing, EJ is seen to be still knocked out, and Midnight is seen shooting a bazooka back at the Vikings.)

Alan: Wow, that’s just messed up, how do you get rid of it?

Weed: Apparently by the time I tell you this.

(As if by magic the two now seem to have finally realized what’s going on, Midnight seems to have reached a saner mind as she’s looking quizzically at the bazooka, Alan and Weed though are extremely surprised by all this…and EJ is still knocked out.)

Midnight: Where did this come from?


Weed: Wow, I didn’t know we had a sunroof.