In between working on this comic and some cards for A Paid Project I’ve Had on Hiatus for a While (Which I will share once the client gets back to me) I’ve made a mini wargame (A-la Steve Jackson in the 1970s, but simpler and mini-er) called CLASH. The whole thing prints out on one sheet of paper or card stock, and the end result is a playing-card-sized board and twelve tokens.

CLASH is a diceless fantasy game about two Mages trying to kill each other, each with their own band of Thugs and Book of Spells. I’ve included one scenario, but feel free to try different starting positions, and figure out a use for that treasure chest token.

Obviously there might be some problems with the game still, If you find anything in the rules that doesn’t make sense, or some weird mechanical unbalance, or (worst of all) a killer strategy, please let me know!