A bit of context:

This series of strips picks up from the last panel of This Comic. I’ve had a bug in my bonnet ever since that I should do some strips starring Maria, and I need to warm up my comicking muscles with some good old-fashioned pulpy fantasy violence before I get back into my slice-of-life kitchen story.

You may notice a few changes in character design from the original panel. Because I never intended to make any more of it than one panel, I loaded Maria up with a few cool Easter Eggs from some favourite fantasy stories of mine. Obviously I couldn’t have those carrying over into a storyline.

Also, in the first image (She’s really tiny in the background) Kawaislayer is wearing some sculpted boob armor, which as we all know, completely defeats the point of armor. So I gave her something a little bit more effective. (I’m really trying to be part of the solution everyone! It’s taking me a while…)


This story is also my entry for the Magical Girl Jam. I can’t say I’ve ever been a fan of the genre, (I’ve never even watched Sailor Moon) but I thought this thing might fit the spirit.


The icons in the UI there come from game-icons.net which is a super handy website if you don’t believe in reinventing the wheel.