Christmas got in the way of me making a real update this week, but I thought this would be funny…

I’ve got a bunch of open tabs waiting for me to post about them on here. I won’t get them all this time, or I’ll just wind up with a huge textwall, but here’s a select few:

The Ropes is the Walt Disney Company’s employee handbook circa 1943. It’s quite nicely illustrated (As could be expected) and seems to describe quite the positive work environment. (Aside from one illustration of a male employee leering at a female co-worker. But y’know. 1943)

Scribes Arena is a beautifully illustrated fantasy Print and Play game, that is basically a cross between Magic the Gathering, and Hangman.

Anthill Art seems like a bit of an extreme way to deal with your insect problem. But the result is pretty cool.

Massively Multiplayer Thumbwrestling is a neat take on the classic game, and a cool way to visualize computer and social networks. Discovered through this TED talk.