Couple special things going on in my lands lately:

Samantha and I have taken to gardening. We don’t even really have anything in the ground yet and even so, we’ve had all kinds of wonderful adventures, like hunting for seeds, weeding with a pickaxe, and battling an overgrown fennel plant intent on breaking through our bedroom wall.

The last couple of weeks at our Board Game Night, we’ve played Lords of Waterdeep, and I don’t think I’ve been this enamored by a game since the first time I played Cosmic Encounter. It is so incredibly tight, and the theme works beautifully. It doesn’t do anything terribly innovative, but it may be the best worker placement game ever made. I may write more on it later.

EDIT: I’m looking at this now more than a year later, Lords of Waterdeep is still a good game, but calling it “The Best Worker Placement Game Ever Made” was a bit generous.