And thus ends my foray into utter aubsurdizm. Though I suppose we haven’t seen the last of our friend Weed’s superhero alter-ego.

As we walked out of the theatre after watching the first Spiderman movie, my Dad and I were making jokes about “What if he’d been bitten by a different radioactive animal”. The one we stuck onto was Crabman, who has the powers of walking laterally and making frightening poses to warn off predators. Crabman became a bit of a running gag for a while and I even drew up some severely awful comics of his misadventures.

That said, this storyline wasn’t just an excuse to incorporate a cheesy rip off character left over from 2002. I didn’t even think of turning Weed into Crab Cat until I finished last week’s comic, and was trying to decide how to wrap things up. So there.

The text in the first two panels is basically ripped from The Amazing Spiderman #1. It was fun trying to copy the Marvel style narration text. I think I failed horribly.

Oh! And here’s the Wikipedia page on Plot Generators. Weed’s crab powers are now officially one of those.