Just a heads up, I think I’m going to cut back to one update a week for a while. I’ve got a whole slew of projects on the go right now, some of them paying, and I need some extra time in the weekto focus on them.

You may have noticed that the interface has been doing weird things lately. I’ve been playing around with different arrangements. I need to clean it up a bit still. I’m considering merging Cats in the Kitchen with Metal Snail Idea Workshop. The archives would still be here, but new updates would show up there, along with my other projects. I don’t know, but I’m going to keep playing with things.

Oh, and I’d like to share a couple things. Good ways to start out your day:
San Fransisco Creative Mornings
Rhett and Link’s Good Mythical Mornings

Here’s a weird book that changes how books work:
Luminous Airplanes

And here’s a nice little post-apocolyptic comic about cooking:
Cooking with Anne