Hi I’m Robin Gibson. Among other things, I’m an Illustrator and Cartoonist

Here are some highlights of the work I’ve done, most of it for small game design companies. I am always available for illustration work, I have a quick turnover and keep you involved in the creation process so that the project turns out to be exactly what you want. If you’re interested in working together, whether it’s for a single illustration, or a larger project of any size, Contact Me and we can discuss how to make your ideas a reality.

"Dinosaur Girl" 2014 "Dreamcoat" comission. 2012"Indie Games are Awesome" 2010 "Robot Man" comission. 2013"Orca Bus Logo" comission. 2013 "Crush Everything" 2011

“BRAAAAAAAAINS” card game (2013)

"Kitchen Zombie" 2013 "Vegan Zombies" "Lost Zombie" 2013

“Creature Conflict” card game (2013)

"Misty Breeze" 2013 "Rock Balloon" "Potato Fish" 2013

“Conflicting Kingdoms” card game (2010)

"Drunken Dwarves" 2010 "Squamanta Pirates" 2010 "Noggis Turtlescoop" 2010

“Mecha Blueprints” board game (2012)

"Mecha Blueprints" 2012 "Mecha Blueprints" 2012 "Mecha Blueprints" 2012

 Logo and Illustration for The Amphibiographer (2012)

"Amphibiographer Logo" 2012 "People Love Turtles" 2012