I’m trying to reorganize priorities at the moment, so much of my life is in flux right now. But Cats in the Kitchen is still really important to me, and getting it back into regular updates, and finishing the current storyline are fairly high on that reorganized priority list.

Contract Work
I’ve been working on the visuals for a fairly huge indie card game. I’m not entirely sure how much I’m allowed to say about the game publicly, but suffice to say it’s going to be amazing.

Got Sick
Not much to say about this one. I had some kind of bug or other, and drew a Crabcat minicomic.

Played Around with Screen Printing
Way back in November I bought some wholesale organic cotton T-shirts and a silk screening kit. I finally opened the kit up last week and printed a few shirts and aprons with Midnight’s face (Felt so freaking punk rock). I plan on setting up an Ebay Store to sell these at some point in the near future, let me know if you’d be interested in buying one.

(Sorry about the quality of the photos beyond this point, my phone makes a horrible camera*)

Attended my first Furry Convention
I found out about Vancoufur too late to get a table or a panel, and though I was able to score a spot in the art gallery, I didn’t actually sell anything. And even though I gave out a big stack of promo cards for Cats in the Kitchen, my traffic didn’t go up at all. So as a promotional endeavour, the weekend kind of sucked.

That said, I had a blast and will definitely be attending next year.

Over the weekend I met a guy who is building a 3D printer using a lower resolution 3D printer, talked for hours with a fellow game designer with a slightly odd passion for inflatable toys, heard the pokemon theme song sung in the context of Nazi Germany, sat sketching at a table with professional animators, watched the Super Mario Bros. 3 show (it was terrible), made friends with a gay masseuse, played board games with total strangers, found out that there’s a tool specifically for peeling the rims of Tim Horton’s cups, got “scritched”, learned the difference between a snow leopard’s and a cheetah’s eye, and got hugged by a girl in a husky costume.

I also got to make some custom badges, and received one as well, which was just, really cool.

It was a weird, weird, surreal experience. I understand some things about the fandom that I didn’t before, and for better or worse, they’re kind of my people.

Fell in love
Over the weekend that I spent in the lower mainland for VancouFur, I met in person (for the first time) a girl I’ve been friends with online for quite some time.

Long story short, things went really well and I have a girlfriend now ^^. (And she has a boyfriend. And that boyfriend is me. In case there was any ambiguity there…)

She’s pretty amazing, but is also kind of shy and modest, and I know she’ll read this, so I’m not going to rave about her too much here. “Pretty Amazing” sums her up nicely.

*Isn’t it amazing? A decade ago, that sentence would have been completely nonsensical