So KiLoutou – the awesome Fijian dishwasher at work – asked me to put some music on his iPod for him. I said sure, without quite knowing what I was getting into. He then hands me three sheets of paper that look something like so:

And says “Youbringbacktomorrowyes?” (Because there’s no punctuation besides question marks in Fiji)

I didn’t get it done that night, it’s actually taken me three days. The music is hard to find, except – oddly enough – on YouTube.  a quick search found a Video to MP3 web-based converter that, despite some really tasteless, poorly targeted ads (apparently there are thousands of Russian Women waiting for me) did a great job at unexpectedly high speeds, if with questionable legality.

Listening to the music Loutou had me download for him, I can get why it’s not easy to find. It’s exactly what you would expect from an island nation, slow, repetitive. A lot of it, at least in this sample, seems to have been played on a 1980s Yamaha Keytar set to “Organ”. Still, it’s very chill and relaxed, (which could be said of most Fijian people I’ve met) and in the course of this ordeal I’ve discovered a few songs that I really like. Here’s a few of my favorites, let me know what you think:

Police Public Relations of Fiji – Ko Ira Na Vuda (1)

Toso Mai Bulou – Senivetakula – Sigidrigi

Xyde Dj vs Veivueti ni Domo ni Savu Cavacava

Kabu Ni Delai Kade – Au Kerea Meu Bau Sereka

DJ King ft Salusalu vono kei vuna – Bula Marau Rmx

Mataka vou kei Monasavu – Yali na Dina

1 I haven’t been able to figure out if this is supposed to be an ironic band name, or if it’s the actual PR department of Fiji’s Police…)

I know this is kind of random, but I wanted to share it somehow