Wow, total fluke, just looked back to see when the first Cats in the Kitchen strip went up and it turns out it was a year ago today! To everyone who has read the comic since then, thanks for being here. It’s really only half a comic if nobody reads it.

There’s a couple pieces of news I want to share. The first is that following the direction of comics like Jackie Rose, I’m going to be taking a break over the summer, beginning at the end of June, and going until the start of September.

I have three reasons for this: One is that summer is a crazy time in the restaurant business, and I can basically guarantee that I won’t have the time I need to do the strip justice. Also, once I start up again, I’d like to do more story-arcs and less gag-a-day strips, but that requires some planning and actual script writing, rather than sitting down at the drawing table on Sunday night and trying to come up with a gag. I hope to have the script for four months of comics done by the end of the summer.

But the most exciting reason (for me anyway) is that I’m going to compile the first Cats in the Kitchen book. It won’t be an exhaustive collection, (I’d like to make those too eventually) but rather a “Primer” containing any important story points, and some of the best gag strips, that can serve as a starting point for people who have never read the comic. The idea is that I honestly don’t think I have a large enough audience that a book that includes all of the sucky early strips would be worthwhile at this point. But a book with all the best strips in it I think would have more value on its own, and, (I think anyway) will do better at a Convention table.

So, enjoy the next month and a half. Over the summer I’ll be posting artwork and other samples of what I’ve been working on. And come September, Cats in the Kitchen will be back in full force. Thanks again for a great year, I can’t wait to see what comes next!