I’ve been working lately on an asymmetrical two-player platformer game called Kaya Loves Mushrooms, and while it’s currently a mess visually, all the gameplay elements are in place.
Because the two players control their characters completely differently, balance is an issue, so I’ll need to test the game with as many people as possible, and tweak things accordingly. That’s where I need some help:

I need teams of two players (It’s currently “at-the-same-computer”, networking stuff eludes me.) to test the game and keep track of how many times they play each mode, and which sides won. Also, I would like to know what you think of the game in general, if the controls are easy to use, if the ingame instructions are clear, and if you find any bugs that need fixing.

The game can be downloaded here, and my Devlog, with previous versions, screenshots and concept art can be found here

I’m also offering free character sketches to everyone who takes part in the testing process, because I really appreciate the help and I know how hard it is to convince your friends to play unfinished videogames with you.

Download Testing Demo