Well, two weeks before the break. If anyone would like to make guest art or comics to run over the summer, that’d be pretty cool.

Starting this Fall, Cats in the Kitchen will run in three 13-week seasons, each separated by a month of downtime. The hope will be to produce a 40 page book a year, (each twice-weekly update will be half a page) During the down months I will be focusing on writing, and will be attending conventions. (The first break is December, which lets me go to the Victoria Comic Book, Movie and Steampunk Convention. The second is Maypril, which should let me get to Emerald City) The comic itself will focus more on story arcs and character development than one-off gags, in a similar format to the one I experimented with at the start of this year.

If you have any suggestions or complaints about this arrangement, let me know. Cats in the Kitchen is nothing if people aren’t enjoying it.

And again, I’d love to have some guest art to post over the break. So if you find it in your heart/schedule to make some, please do so.