I apologize for putting yet another update online late. Thursday’s however will be right on time: I’m not going to post the last comic of the season late. Also Thursday’s is done already, so that helps.

I spent a good portion of Monday resurecting the Starfighters Unlimited website. Anthony and I will be taking a break from updates there after this Saturday’s update, for basically the same reasons as my break from CitK. It’s been a bit of a rough road with that one, and honestly it shows in a couple pages, but we used the first chapter to work out the wrinkles and settle on a format, so chapter two should be pretty awesome.

Not really related to Cats or Kitchens, but interesting if you are into steampunk at all: I’ve recently discovered Last Exile, (PG-13) which basically feels like someone wanted to fix everything that was wrong with the star wars prequels, then make it about steampunk airships just for good measure. I haven’t watched a whole lot of Anime, but I’m really digging this. I will say that you should watch Funamation’s subtitled version (Which they graciously provide for free on YouTube); I tried the voice dubbed version on Netflix and couldn’t get more than fifteen seconds into it on account of Lavie’s shrill.