Hah! Normal update done on time!

I’ve been thinking a bit about video game curration, people are talking about it on twitter, because of the new Steam redesign.
It’s not a new thing. My real introduction to the indie game scene came from Jayisgames (Now Lame), followed by Gamehippo (Now Defunct), which were both fascinating, in that rather than being lists of everything available, they were carefully chosen lists of games, along with reviews and very active communities, discussing the merits of games.

I wanted to share a couple free indie games from my past, that I still love very much:

Alex the Alligator – This is the first game I ever finished. It’s a fun little platformer with a classic Gameboy aesthetic and some cool secrets.

Decker – I didn’t know it at the time, but this was my introduction to the roguelike genre. Set in a Neuromancer-esque future, you’re a hacker who spends his days infiltrating secure servers, (Visualized as wireframe dungeons) building new hardware and writing software. It has a business sim aspect to it in addition to the Roguelike.

Battleships Forever – This amazing Real Time Strategy game is based on the equally amazing shooter Warning Forever. The cool bits include a ship building screen and special capital ship weapons that have mini games built in.

Calamity Annie – This is a neat little dating sim/lightgun shooter mashup. It challenged some worldviews young Robin had about life.

Ore no Ryomi 2: The Restaurant – This game defined my childhood. It’s a beautiful trainwreck with a lot of quotable moments.

I’m pretty sleepy right now, but this list seems amiss without these on it. I’ll add descriptions later:

Pakoon 1 & 2

Strange Adventures in Infinite Space



Glum Buster

I fought the law and the law one