Pretty much the above, I’m on a roll lately, but the roll doesn’t seem to be taking me anywhere to the next update of this comic. So rather than putting out a crappy, overworked page, I decided to focus on inking and colouring playing cards right now, and I’ll have a CitK done for next week.

In other news, last Saturday was CitK’s second birthday! Now I can officially sayI’ve been drawing a comic for “Years”.

I started a Tumblr recently, and by a bit of a fluke, one of the first blogs I started following was Escher Girls. Since doing so I’ve become hyper-conscious about oversexualizing female characters. (This shortly after a personal epiphany that drawing sexy women wasn’t undermining the humanity of real women) This picture started out as an attempt to see if I drew Midnight as she would actually look as a strong, independent, antisocial, apathetic young woman, or as an idealized woman who is “Strong” and “Mysterious” because I find those qualities attractive. (I spend a lot of time thinking about this stuff. It’s not a matter of being politically correct, I’m not just trying to be on the right side when the revolution comes or anything. I just really want to do the right thing, and that can be a hard line to walk when you’re a virgin cartoonist)

Also, I’ve started using the Metal Snail blog again, I’m trying to update every day or two…