This is the first update from a page done at 600 DPI. I used to work that high, (It’s supposedly better for printing) but I switched to 300 DPI when I started inking full pages, because the old version of The GIMP caused the bigger images to lag. Anyway, I guess the new version is better optimized, or else uninstalling iTunes was just a good choice on all fronts, but I’ve switched back, and you could print this on a queen-sized blanket without too much pixelization.

Speaking of Pixels, I was on twitter the other week and found If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel. Aside from being a wonderful example of current generation web design, it is also an excellent tool for demonstrating the sheer, mind-boggling scale of our solar system. (I’ve shared The Scale of the Universe before, which is a different thing)

In a similar vein, I was teaching taxonomy to my student this week, and came across OneZoom, which is a fascinating, if baffling way to explore the animal kingdom.