Hey all, I had a touch of internet trouble lately, so I didn’t get to put a Blog Post on last week’s comic. Thankfully, that’s all behind us. So here I am with some cool suggestions for things you should check out on the internet…

I’ve said before how much I appreciate the webcomic Bad Machinery. Agnes Quill is another take on the Teenage Paranormal Investigator shtick, but more on the serious side. It is written by Dave Roman of Astronaut Elementary fame. Yeah I know.

As I work on this little side comic, I’m growing quite attached to the Sword and Sorcery genre. And I’d love to delve into a full campaign of something wrapped up in the trappings of it, but then I’d never get any drawing done. Desktop Dungeons takes the full experience of playing a roguelike computer game, boils it down to its essentials and turns it into something you can play in five minutes. I loved the original prototype, and it’s been neat to watch the team pour themselves into expanding the lore and making it prettier. I found the tutorial phase of the game a bit slow, but there’s enough stuff in the game that would be weird for new players that it’s probably valid.

Finally, one of my great embarrassments is my low typing speed. I type a lot, and you’d think I would just naturally get better over time, but you’d be wrong. And like… See, I got Mario Teaches Typing running in a DOS emulator, but that never really helped. Recently though, my little brother invited me to join him on Nitro Type, a cool little social drag racing typing game by the geniuses at Typing Web. The basic concept isn’t that big of a deal, you and four other people are typing the same thing, and the faster and more accurately you type, the faster your car goes. But the interface is super polished and easy to use, with lots of attention to little details that make it one of the best designed websites I’ve ever seen.