It was my birthday like two days ago, and it was pretty much the best ever, mostly on account of my wife, who made me waffles and caramel banana brownie cake and spaghetti with two kinds of sauce on it, and wrapped up a bunch of presents that she gave me randomly throughout the day. And then we had our weekly board game group meet at our house. Anyway, shoutout to Samantha for being awesome at birthdays.

One of the games we played that night, and quite a few nights before, was Love Letter: A little eighteen-card game that took the board gaming hobby by storm last year. While I could talk a bunch about Love Letter and the brilliant marketing decision that was AEG’s Tempest series, lots of other people have. I WOULD however like to bring Good Little Games to your attention. Basically, it’s a collection of free, print-and-play games by game designers who said “18 cards? Shoot! I could do that too!”.

A bunch of the boys at Church have been pestering me to give Hearthstone a try, and I have to say: As someone who has never invested in a collectible card game, it’s pretty good. Right out of the tutorial I was able to build a couple of decks that play completely differently, which is more than I can say for the one other online ccg I’ve tried. Mechanically, the only major difference I can see between this and MTG is that rather than having to manage manna cards, the game simply gives you one extra manna to spend each turn, which might make it too simple for people who do play MTG, but as a casual-at-best player of this kind of game, I’m finding it enjoyable.